BOMfire is released in Beta – try it NOW

What is the platforms main objective?

BOMfire is a new manufacturing marketplace, providing buyers a secure, time effective and efficient solution to purchasing their materials, easily.

Revolutionising the way businesses procure materials for engineering purposes, Bomfire provides users access to a nationwide network of engineering suppliers. Users are able to send out Requests For Quotes, messages and track tenders much more effectively than ever before – reducing the time it takes to go back and forth with suppliers over email or phone.

BOMfire is the ultimate procurement solution, enabling users to buy and sell raw materials at competitive prices – reducing the amount of annual waste produced.

How does it work:

1. Simply pick you material, from Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze and Titanium although we are expanding all the time

2. Then select the desired cross section.  Currently you can select from a wide variety such as sheet and round bar through to ‘T’ sections and treadplate

3. Specify you dimension

4.  Enter any releveant details such as the delivery address and lead time

5.  Finally the deadline and the postcode which will be used to select the supplier pool.  You can always contact us to make sure your favourite suppliers get added to the pool.

6.  Make the event live!  Then emails will be sent to your supplier pool, they will reply and all the details will populate in the system in the same format.

See who made the best bid, a summary of all bids. Any messages can also be handled here.

7.  Finally you can award the lot to the winning supplier.  This will document an audit trail and also send the supplier an email.

This is just the first step in our journey to set a fire under digital manufacturing and take it to the next level.  Please just drop us a line to get involved and we welcome your feedback.












BOMfire is incredibly easy to use.

We can get you up and running immediately.

Just get in touch if you would like to start or you would simply like more information or even a demo.